The opening phase went fine today as black against Radjabov. He seemed a bit surprised by my choice of the Queen Gambit Declined and the 6..b6 variation. Spending nearly an hour investigating an attacking line starting with h4, he instead went for exchanges on c5 and pressure in the c-file. White has some initiative compensating for his potentially vulnerable king, but black holds easily. When I finally played 22..Ne4 I was quite optimistic about my position, as some tactical motifs are appearing and white needs to thread carefully. 24..Rcd8 was maybe not the most critical way to test his defenses. I had missed Qb2 and had to take a perpetual check or play on with three extra pawns for his bishop. The latter did not look very tempting, and I went for the perpetual. All games were drawn today.
The recent heat wave culminated in heavy rains during and after the game. Anyhow the pizza in Sighisoara was as tasty as last time☺, Nisipeanu is next.
Magnus Carlsen, Bazna, June 19th