A few days have gone by since the last entry now. My opponents in the last two rounds have been the World Championship finalists of 2010, Topalov and Anand. The first of these games, as black against Topalov was a Ruy Lopez that saw mass exchanges and a quick draw. In the rapid game I managed to trick him in the opening, and I quickly got an overwhelming position, which I converted with energetic play.
After the free day, as white in the blindfold game against Anand I repeated the opening I had played in the rapid game two days before. This time I was not quite as successful, and I quickly got a worse position. It still was by no means easy for black, and I managed to create enough counter play to take the game into a roughly equal ending. Unfortunately, I immediately blundered and a few moves later he could have forced the win. He missed this though, and as a result I obtained excellent drawing chances. A few moves later I could have forced the draw with a nice sequence of moves, but I decided to make an intermediate move to limit his options. However, I had missed an elementary trick, which immediately forced my resignation.
As black in the rapid game we quickly left the beaten track, and a position with mutual chances quickly appeared. I was quite happy about my play in the following moves, as I managed to stall his queen side play and get my own king side play going in an economical way. He did not defend in the best way possible, and I managed to break through both on the king side and the queen side. He resigned on move 43, a pawn down on both flanks in a hopeless endgame.

As a result I am still in second place with 12/18 , a whole point behind Aronian, who continues to score extremely well. In blindfold my result is still mediocre at best, with 50%. In rapid however, I am in excellent shape with 7.5/9 including victories in all my black games. My opponents in last two round are (in that order) Grischuk and Gelfand, who are at +1 and -2 respectively. A lot can still happen!

Magnus Carlsen, Monaco 22.03.2011