Two draws today. I am not going to say much about the blindfold game, cause there is not much to say. With black I arrived from the opening with a very solid position, and not much happened until the draw was agreed on move 37. The rapid game was a completely different affair. I got a very pleasant position from the opening, and soon won a pawn. I could then consolidate my extra pawn, but incredibly I went for another, more complicated continuation, which led to an imbalanced, unclear position which I had earlier thought was much better for white. It was still probably better for white, but I continued to drift, even blundering two pawns in one move at some point ("quite an achievement"- Aronian). I was then lost, but contrary to my rapid game with him in 2009, where I proceeded to lose a completely winning position, Aronian could not finish me of this time, and the game ended with a draw on move 37.

Thus, I am still sharing the lead with Aronian with 4.5/6. Since Grischuk lost 1.5-0.5 today, he is now sharing 3rd place with Anand. Perhaps fittingly, the three highest rated players in the world are the only ones who have not lost a game yet. My opponent tomorrow is the 16 year old Giri, and I will certainly be eager to gain revenge from my dreadful (I cannot think of a nicer word :) loss against him in Wijk aan Zee earlier this year

Magnus Carlsen, Monaco 14.03.2011