I annotated a game from Biel (Shirov-Carlsen) for chess magazines this weekend as last week was quite busy. Looking back at the summer tournaments, overall Bazna and Biel has been a step in the right direction from Tata 2011.
Apart from lots of sports with friends, a week ago I received the Peer Gynt prize 2011 (handed out by the Norwegian parliament) up at Gaalaa and enjoyed the annual premiere outdoor performance of the Peer Gynt play by Henrik Ibsen.
Friday I visited TV2 .Sommertid..
My next tournament is the Botvinnik .Memorial. in Moscow early September, a rapid tournament together with world 2nd to 4th ranked Anand, Aronian and Kramnik (4th unless he.s passed by Karjakin).
Prior to the tournament I.ll do some training and enjoy the Norwegian summer, if it returns.
Earlier this summer Liberation NEXT and British Esquire visited, and the interviews will appear in September I believe.
Magnus Carlsen, August 10th 2011