Arctic’s Nordic team focus on finding individual stocks with the best possible relationship between the risks they take and possible upside for a stock. The belief is strong, that a positive correlation between risk and reward is what give attractive return long term. And the proof is in the pudding. History shows that the team has produced an 18 percent return over the past three years. Almost twice what you would get by investing in the Nordic benchmark.

Focusing on the individual company, the different countries and different industries play less of a role as long as the companies make good money. Many such companies are currently ordinary stores and warehouses, also known as consumption. Another area that are currently showing good profits are the leading residential developers focusing on apartments in large cities and university locations in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

In Norway, the teams’ home market, Kongsberg is highlighted as one of the favorites. Kongsberg Gruppen is probably the country’s leading technology company, though it has been subject to market headwinds in recent years. The company is well known for its weapons, but also has a variety of products early in their life their cycle. Fishery and aquaculture, underwater and environmental technology, aerodrome and port surveillance and satellite services are among the few that makes Kongsberg’s future look bright.

JM, Maersk and other companies are among the investments you get in Arctic's Nordic fund. Want to know more about the Fund, visit or read more about the top picks in Finansavisen paper article dated October 25, 2016.