Arctic Nordic Equities is a five star ranked fund from Morningstar investing in the Nordic markets of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. With a focus on value creating companies and valuation, the fund has during the last five years had an annual performance of 19,1%.

Citywire has recently also awarded the fund with a AAA rating, and it is especially with its parameter on risk that Arctic stands out among its competitors.  Measured by "standard deviation", it becomes evident that the team at Arctic are able to create value for its investors, at the same time that investments are made in solid companies with revenue proven business models.

The Nordics as an investment area is reknown for a stable political climate along with technologically advanced companies. Many of the largets companies are among global leaders within their sectors including companies such as pharmaceutical giant Novo, shipping company Maersk and Carlsberg beer.

If you want to know more about Arctic Nordic Equities, please contact a member of our Business Development Team, or find us at your preferred funds distributor. 

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