Arctic Fund Management, represented by fund managers Sindre Sørbye and Ole Dahl , participates in all of Nordnet’s investor events in Bergen, Stavanger, Oslo and Trondheim. Together with Nordnet's investment economist, Mads Johannesen, the focus has been on exciting investment opportunities in the Nordic region.

The Nordic region consists of small, open and flexible economies located in a quiet corner of the world with a good institutional framework, a well-qualified workforce and solid fiscal positions. High innovation productivity, successful specialization efforts and by exploiting its natural endowments have been key to meet fierce global competition and to satisfy sophisticated customer demands at home. As a result, the region has fostered many highly competitive companies, resulting in high shareholder value creation.

Good and transparent governance has also contributed to the World-class equity returns. In our view, the Nordic economies are well positioned for the future as well. A number of Nordic companies have leading global niche positions in areas such as renewable and fossil energy, sustainable materials and forest products, aquaculture and maritime industries, industrial automation and machinery and biopharmaceuticals and enzymes.

What we define as «new» and «old» economy, however, is not necessarily decisive for the companies that Arctic Nordic owns. In Arctic Nordic Equities, we are focusing on finding financially sound, well-run companies at attractive prices. In other words, our focus is on finding companies with the best possible risk/reward ratio. We believe that a long-term, index-independent approach based on proprietary analyzes of companies in our Nordic home market is a good starting point for generating high returns.


Arctic Nordic Equities is an equity fund investing in «high conviction» Nordic companies. The fund is run by Sindre Sørbye, Tore Mengshoel and Ole Dahl, who has been a joint investment team since joining Orkla ASA, later Solsten, now Arctic Fund Management. Together with analyst Thomas Rasmussen, the team is responsible for Arctic Norwegian Value Creation II and Arctic Nordic Equities. The latter was launched in 2012, while the Arctic Norwegian Value Creation was launched in 2014.

Past performance in Arctic Nordic Equites is no guarantee for future returns. Future returns depend on the market, fund manager skill, fund risk level, costs, among others. Performance may at times be negative and may vary within periods.