“The US elections saw a challenging period for healthcare in general,” explains chief investment officer Ulrica Bjerke. “With Mr. Trump surprisingly winning the presidency, America has elected what seems to be the more business friendly alternative,” Ulrica concludes.

Since the startup of the fund this year, the continuing M&A have contributed the most in the fund’s portfolio. Stocks like Vitae Pharmaceuticals, Actelion and others, have seen bids by larger players resulting in strong increases in the share price.

“Picking the right companies, with the most potential, is at the core of our investment strategy. Some of those picks have played out well so far this year, but it certainly requires the team to navigate the sector and the constant flow of new innovations,” explains Ulrica from their office in Stockholm, Sweden.

And the know-how and decades of experience from the healthcare sector, have proved a winning formula for the funds first 6 months in operation. At the end of November, the team is currently at the very top of the league table counting 58 funds for sale in Norway, and currently placing number 5 among 100 funds for sales in Sweden.

As for the way forward, Ulrica Bjerke sees a market in growth when it comes to healthcare and Life Science in particular. “The overall aging population, and new technology, make investments in the space a good place to be,” Ulrica sums up.

For investments in Arctic Aurora LifeScience, investors can choose between NOK, USD or a hedged NOK currency class. Starting on November 25, a Retail class was also opened, making it possible for anyone to invest their pension funding in long term value creation within selected parts of the healthcare industry.



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Source: All performance numbers derived from morningstar.no and morningstar.se as of November 7. 2016.