With over 25 years of experience within global pharma and as manager in the Swedish AP3 funds, Dr. Torbjørn and Ulrica Bjerke have had a good start to the fund Arctic Aurora Life Science. The fund delivered among the top performers during 2016, and have in 2017 widened the distance to its competitors.

With a return of 15.2% (as of 10:03), the fund alternate as number one and two on Nordnet’s list of best funds, measured against all funds available. Several biotechnology and healthcare funds can be observed at the top of the list, and it’s no coincidence according to the portfolio manager.

- 2016 was a turbulent year, with great uncertainty around the election of either Trump or Clinton. I expected that Trump would be positive for the sector, and it has proven to be correct, says Dr. Torbjørn Bjerke.

Investments in selected companies within the biotech sector complemented by active positions in major global pharmaceutical companies provide the basis for a high yield potential with controlled risk. "Risk is relative," says Bjerke, but the fund has less volatility than that seen in a typical biotechnology fund.

- We select and emphasize on innovative companies. The biggest companies, with high-priced, old products, we do not enter into, says the manager.

Asked about who may invest in the fund, Torbjørn Bjerke responds instantly that "anyone can invest in Arctic Aurora Life Science," but he also adds that you must be prepared for fluctuations.

- A long-term investment horizon is important. The fund and the sector will fluctuate based on uncertainty, acquisitions and innovation, but the sector is in an exciting phase with opportunities for many breakthroughs in the coming years, says a positive Bjerke.

Dr. Torbjørn Bjerke and the team behind Arctic Aurora Life Science will be present at Nordnet Live Wednesday 15 March. Read more about Torbjørn’s view of Trump and health policies in the DN-article "Trump går mot nytt prestisjenederlag"

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Arctic Aurora LifeScience is an equity fund investing in global biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. The fund is run by former portfolio manager in the Swedish AP Fonder, Ulrica Bjerke, and Dr. Torbjørn Bjerke, both with 20 years of experience from the market. Arctic Aurora LifeScience was launched in May 2016 with both hedged and un-hedged share classes.

Past performance in Arctic Aurora LifeScience s no guarantee for future returns. Future returns depend on the market, fund manager skill, fund risk level, costs, among others. Performance in the fund may at times be negative and may for this fund vary considerably within periods. 

Source: Arctic Fund Management as of 10.03.2017. Arctic Aurora Life Science Class I is by Morningstar ranked as nr. 1 in the sector Healthcare  YTD, 3 months and 6 months. Arctic Aurora Life Science places as nr. 22 among 15,186 funds in morningstar.no per 10.03.2017.