Here you can find information about Arctic Fund Management AS, including regulatory and compliance related issues.

Arctic Fund Management provides a range of fund management solutions for institutional and private investors. Our portfolio managers have extensive experience and a strong track record with documented results from the Norwegian and international equity and fixed income markets.

The highly qualified Arctic investment team - led by Chief Investment Officer Albert Collett - has demonstrated exceptional performance during varying market conditions. Our track record has been anchored in investments in sectors and companies in which we have considerable knowledge and understanding.

Through our extensive experience within fund management, we seek to create added value for our clients within both equities and fixed income products. Our equities products cover the Norwegian and global markets and our fixed income products cover Nordic high yield and investment grade bonds.

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Our History

In February 2010 the founders of the Arctic Group and RASMUSSENGRUPPEN AS joined forces to develop a leading Nordic asset manager.

RASMUSSENGRUPPEN AS is viewed as one of Norway's leading investment groups, with significant operations in the areas of financial investments, real estate/property development and international shipping. Real estate is mainly through its wholly owned subsidiary Avantor AS. The business of international shipping is concentrated on a strategic shareholding in the Danish shipping company Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN A/S. The group's financial investments are mainly concentrated around quality companies with solid earnings and a moderate debt-to-equity ratio.

Arctic Fund Management provides services based on integrity and quality. We aim to develop long-term relationships with our clients.

Our funds are based on a fundamental valuation approach and are style independent. When we analyse a company we focus on its fair value and how its securities are priced compared to this. We analyse macroeconomic factors, evaluate industry- and sector drivers and apply a range of company valuation methodologies. As active portfolio managers we continuously seek to find attractive investment opportunities and are used to challenging the market consensus.


Lisbeth Gyland


Mobile: 48403122
Office: 21013122

Extensive experience from financal markets. CEO at Orkla Finans Fondsforvaltning (2005-2009) and CIO fixed income management (1994-2005). Prior to Orkla with Den norske Creditbank as a broker (1984-1990) Graduated from Bankakdemiet/BI.

Albert Collett


Mobile: 92890041
Office: 21013250

20 years relevant work experience in fund management. Albert worked previously for Alfred Berg (1998-2010) as Nordic Head of Fundamental Equity and was a member of the Nordic Executive Committee. He also held positions as Portfolio Manager and analyst in Alfred Berg. He was performance responsible and Portfolio Manager for Nordic Combined (2002-2010), Norwegian Equities (2002-2010) and Danish Equities (2007-2010).

Albert has received several awards: 2010 Lipper 10 Years of Excellence (TE5) for best Norwegian Equities Fund, 2008 Morningstar Award winner (High Conviction), 2002-2009 Nordic Portfolios (low TE) outperformance every year as Portfolio Manager, 2007 High Conviction Fund Gambak won absolute return 1# among 70 Norwegian Funds, 2006 Wall Street recognition 1# (among many) ranked European Funds 1 year and 2005 High Convictions Fund Gambak 1# excess return to benchmark in Norwegian fund universe. Albert is a mechanical engineer GTI graduate from Gothenburg and a BSc. (Hon) from Strathclyde Business School.

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Samuel K. Haile

Head of Operations

Mobile: 48403243
Office: 21013243

Samuel previously worked for Alfred Berg Kapitalforvaltning AS (2010-2011) within the middle office team. Before that he worked for Orkla Finans as fund manager assistant. He holds a BSc in Finance from the Norwegian School of Management (BI)..

Heidi Rønningen

Head of Compliance

Mobile: 48403256
Office: 21013256

Heidi has previously worked for different companies within the finance sector; for Navigea Securities (2011-2012) as Head of Compliance and Risk Control, for Sector Asset Management as Head of Compliance (2008-2011), for Orkla Finans as Compliance Officer (2003-2008), for DnB Asset Management as Compliance Officer (1998-2003) and before that for Landsbanken as lawyer. She holds a law degree from University of Oslo and an MBA from Norwegian School of Management (BI).

Board of directors

Board of directors Arctic Fund Management and Arctic Asset Management

Atle Degré


Atle Degré is a Candidate in Jurisprudence from the University of Oslo (1991). He practices as lawyer and partner in KLUGE, advokatfirma DA, specialized in capital markeds and securities law, transactions and company law. Before joining KLUGE, he was general counsel, Senior Vice President and head of the legal and listings department of Oslo Børs ASA and Oslo Børs VPS Holding ASA (2000-2010), where he first practiced as a lawyer (1995-2000).

Previously he held positions as a deputy judge and acting judge in Lofoten Municipality Court (1993-94) and the Ministry of Finance (1992). Degré has served as chairman of the Norwegian Corporate Governance Board, as a board member of Oslo Clearing ASA and has been appointed to several official committees preparing legislation in the field of securities law.

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Louise Mohn

Board Member

Mohn is an owner and a chairwoman of Luzmon Medical AS since 2008. In the period 2003 – 2007, she was a founder, a chairwoman and a managing director of the lifestyle health clinic Luzmon UK, London. In the period 1998 to 2003 she was engaged by AksjeNorge, a foundation to promote the stock market in Norway. Louise Mohn holds a degree in Marketing, specializing in market communications from Norwegian School of Management (BI).

Børre Grønningsæter

Board Member

Grønningsæter holds a degree in Building and Construction from Gothenburg Technical Institute (1991), and a Bachelor degree from Norwegian school of Economics and Business Administration, NHH (1994). He started work as a stockbroker in 1994 for Saga Securities AS in Oslo (now Danske Securities ASA), and became partner in 1995. In 1998 he joined RASMUSSENGRUPPEN AS in Kristiansand as a Portfolio Manager, and has since 2006 held the position as Investment Manager.

Grønningsæter is also the Managing Director of PORTIA AS, a wholly owned subsidiary of RASMUSSENGRUPPEN AS.

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Stein Vidar Håland

Board Member

Stein Vidar Håland graduated from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH) in 1974. In 1976 he joined the RASMUSSENGRUPPEN AS and is the CFO of the company..

Petter Bakken

Board Member

Petter Bakken is a founding partner of Arctic Securities AS. He was the Head of Corporate Finance in Arctic Securities from 2007-2013. Bakken previously worked with Orkla Finans/SEB Enskilda from 1991-2007, the last 13 years as Head of Corporate Finance in Norway. Before that he worked with SEB in Frankfurt (1987-1991). He has extensive experience from all kind of corporate finance transactions in the Norwegian market, both within M&A and ECM.

Bakken holds a Diplom Kaufmann degree from the Universität Mannheim, Germany (1982-1987).

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The Compliance Department is responsible for ensuring that we are in compliance with laws, instructions, standards, recommendations and internal routines and guidelines regulating our business. The Compliance Department particularly follows up compliance by the company with regulatory and legal requirements regarding different risk aspects.

Customer complaints
The Compliance Department will handle potential customer complaints.

Heidi Rønningen

Head of Compliance

Mobile: 48403256
Office: 21013256

Heidi has previously worked for different companies within the finance sector; for Navigea Securities (2011-2012) as Head of Compliance and Risk Control, for Sector Asset Management as Head of Compliance (2008-2011), for Orkla Finans as Compliance Officer (2003-2008), for DnB Asset Management as Compliance Officer (1998-2003) and before that for Landsbanken as lawyer. She holds a law degree from University of Oslo and an MBA from Norwegian School of Management (BI).


The Funds are open-ended and daily traded funds and are established under the UCITS framework. UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities) is a globally leading regulatory framework. It is increasingly recognized worldwide as the mark of a stable and well regulated investment product. UCITS is a framework that is used by both traditional long-only managers as well as absolute return managers. The UCITS framework is established in Europe and gaining market share outside the EU.

The UCITS framework allows investment in a wide variety of asset classes. However, funds need to be suitably diversified with respect to individual constituents and asset classes. For instance, the framework allows financial instruments that can be used to hedge exposure in different asset classes. This important feature makes the regulatory framework suitable for absolute-return seeking funds.


Arctic Fund Management AS (organisation number 995629070) was established in June 2010, and granted a licence by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway (Finanstilsynet) on 14 October 2010.

The Company has a licence to provide the following services according to the Norwegian Securities Trading Act (No: "Verdipapirhandelloven”) section 2-1 (1):
1. Reception and transmission of orders on behalf of clients in connection with one or more financial instruments as defined in section 2-2,
4. Active management of investors’ portfolios of financial instruments on a client-by-client basis and in accordance with investors’ mandates,
5. Investment advice as defined in section 2-4 (1).

The Company also provides the following related services listed in the Norwegian Securities Trading Act section 2-1 (2):
1. The safekeeping and management of financial instruments,
3. Advice to undertakings on capital structure, industrial strategy and related issues, as well as advice and services in connection with mergers and acquisitions.

Arctic Fund Management AS is the Investment Manager of Arctic Funds plc and its sub-funds, (the “Company”). The Company was incorporated on 26 July 2010 and is an umbrella-type open-ended investment company with variable capital and segregated liability between the sub-funds, governed by the laws of Ireland and authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland (the “Central Bank”) under the European Communities (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) Regulations, 2003, as amended, supplemented, consolidated or otherwise modified from time to time (the “Regulations”).

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