Arctic Fund Management is an asset manager that focus on company analysis and fair value. AFM is an active asset manager with 15 highly qualified portfolio managers and analysts.

Arctic Fund Management provides a range of fund management solutions for institutional and private investors. Our portfolio managers have extensive experience and a strong track record with documented results from the Norwegian and international equity and fixed income markets.

The highly qualified Arctic investment team - led by Chief Investment Officer Albert Collett - has demonstrated exceptional performance during varying market conditions. Our track record has been anchored in investments in sectors and companies in which we have considerable knowledge and understanding.

Through our extensive experience within fund management, we seek to create added value for our clients within both equities and fixed income products. Our equities products cover the Norwegian and global markets and our fixed income products cover Nordic high yield and investment grade bonds.

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Investment Philosophy

We aim to deliver solid returns to our investors through an active and long-term investment approach. The core of all our investment activities is fundamental company research. In our company research, a fair value analysis is central. A fair value analysis aims to reveal securities that trade significantly higher or lower than what we consider to be the real underlying values. When this occurs, it can create very interesting investment possibilities.

A fair value analysis consists of a range of different factors. Key, of course, is the assessment whether a bond or stock is cheap or not, based on traditional valuation techniques. In addition, we are concerned whether the company has the appropriate management, a good business model and a strategic market position from which it can benefit. We also consider the company in the bigger picture. We analyse the sector the company belongs to, looking for structural changes and how it may be affected by changes in the macroeconomic environment.

Our fair value based investment philosophy gives us flexibility to exploit investment opportunities in different market conditions, and we are not tied to growth or value companies, or whether a company has a large or small market cap. When we research a company, we look for good investments for both our fixed income and equity funds. This is why research is done jointly with analysts from both the fixed income- and equities departments.

Our fund managers and analysts have together over 100 years of experience from analysing and investing in bonds and equities. We benefit from this through a systematic and structured process, seeking to identify good companies and attractive investment possibilities. In this way we create long-term value for our investors.

ESG - Responsible Investing

When we analyze a company, we also evaluate it in a Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) context. Arctic Fund Management is a Signatory of UN PRI, Principles for Responsible Investment, and follows the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global's socially responsible investments policy in all our funds.

“A focus on responsible investing is not only at the heart of what we do – it is more and more a prerequisite from our clients.” Lisbeth GylandCEO

Investment Team Oslo

Albert Collett


Mobile: 92890041
Office: 21013250

20 years relevant work experience in fund management. Albert worked previously for Alfred Berg (1998-2010) as Nordic Head of Fundamental Equity and was a member of the Nordic Executive Committee. He also held positions as Portfolio Manager and analyst in Alfred Berg. He was performance responsible and Portfolio Manager for Nordic Combined (2002-2010), Norwegian Equities (2002-2010) and Danish Equities (2007-2010).

Albert has received several awards: 2010 Lipper 10 Years of Excellence (TE5) for best Norwegian Equities Fund, 2008 Morningstar Award winner (High Conviction), 2002-2009 Nordic Portfolios (low TE) outperformance every year as Portfolio Manager, 2007 High Conviction Fund Gambak won absolute return 1# among 70 Norwegian Funds, 2006 Wall Street recognition 1# (among many) ranked European Funds 1 year and 2005 High Convictions Fund Gambak 1# excess return to benchmark in Norwegian fund universe. Albert is a mechanical engineer GTI graduate from Gothenburg and a BSc. (Hon) from Strathclyde Business School.

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Alexander Larstedt Lager

Portfolio Manager

Mobile: 48403255
Office: 21013255

Alexander has a Master’s degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), with a major in finance. He previously attended the international IB Programme at St. Olav in Stavanger, and also participated at the 2013 NBIM Summer School. Alexander was appointed Portfolio Manager in the Norwegian Equity Team in January 2017..

Ivar Strompdal

Analyst/ Portfolio Manager (Partner)

Mobile: 48403245
Office: 21013245

Ivar has 26 years of experience from the financial markets and investments. He started out working 6 years as a stock broker. He has also spent 7 years as a equity market strategist with Alfred Berg and ABG Sundal&Collier. He has altogether about 13 years of experience as a fund manager for domestic and international equities with Gjensidige Forsikring, Vital Forsikring and Folketrygdfondet. He holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Management (BI).

Marianne Bøe

Portfolio Manager

Mobile: 48403113
Office: 21013113

Marianne has been working in the financial industry since 2000 as portfolio manager of global equities with a focus on the technology sector. She also has experience from Sector Asset Management. Marianne holds a degree from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)..

Carl Erik Sando


Mobile: 48403210
Office: 21013210

Carl Erik has 18 years of experience as financial analyst for investment banks Elcon Securities, DnB Markets, Alfred Berg and Pareto Securities in the period 1987-2006 – specializing in banks and insurance companies. Following that, he was fund manager for domestic and international equities with Government Pension Fund (Folketrygdfondet, 2006-2010) and Odin Forvaltning (2011-2014). He holds a Bachelor in Business Administration (Siviløkonom) from the Norwegian School of Management (BI).

Sindre Sørbye

Portfolio Manager (Partner)

Mobile: 48403282
Office: 21013282

Sindre has experience from financial markets since 1997. Following two years as head analyst at Orkla's treasury department, he joined Orkla's Investment Division (OID) as a investment analyst in 1999. From 2006 he was portfolio manager for OID with focus on Nordic as well as Asian equities. In 2012 Sindre was one of the funding partners of Solsten where he worked as portfolio manager for Solsten's Nordic and Norwegian fund.

In 2016 he joined AFM as a portfolio manager. Sindre had 5 years of industrial experince prior to his career in the financial industry. Sindre holds a MSc in International Business from Manchester Business School as well as an MBM from Norwegian Business School, and he is also an Authorized Portfolio Manager (NHH).

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Tore Mengshoel

Portfolio Manager (Partner)

Mobile: 48403232
Office: 21013232

Tore has 9 years of experience as portfolio manager with the Orkla Investment Division and spin-off Solsten before coming to Arctic Fund Management in 2016. Prior to Orkla, he worked for 10 years in technology venture investment with Teknoinvest and 4 years with management consultant McKinsey & Co. Tore holds a MSc in Computer Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and an MBA from INSEAD.

Ole E. Dahl

Portfolio Manager (Partner)

Mobile: 48403241
Office: 21013241

Ole has 26 years of experience from domestic and international equity investments as portfolio manager, financial analyst and investment director. In addition, 6 years industrial experience. Has previously worked for Solsten (2012-16) as portfolio manager, Orkla Investment Division (1990-98 and 2003-12) as portfolio manager and investment analyst, Fondsfinans (2001-03) as financial analyst, Avanse Forvaltning (1998-2001) as investment director and portfolio manager and Norsk Hydro (1984-90) as corporate controller and financial manager.

Holds a MSc degree (siviløkonom) from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

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Thomas Rasmussen


Mobile: 48403143
Office: 21013143

Thomas previously worked in the middle office at the Norwegian Bank’s Guarantee Fund (2012-2014) and as an financial analyst intern at Advokatfirmaet Selmer. He holds an MSc in Financial Economics from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), a BSc in Business Administration from Bodø Graduate School of Business and a fixed income analyst degree (NFF)..

Trond Tømmerås

Portfolio Manager (Partner)

Mobile: 48403247
Office: 21013247

Trond previously worked for Alfred Berg (1998-2010) as Portfolio Manager and head of the Norwegian fixed income team and tactical asset allocation team. He was awarded the Lipper Fund Award in 2007, 2008 and 2009 for the best NOK denominated fixed income fund the last ten years. He worked for Storebrand (1993-1998) as fixed income Portfolio Manager and for Fokus Bank (1989-1993) as fixed income analyst/dealer.

He holds a BSc (Hon) from University of Warwick and M.A. from University of Reading and is also a Certified European Financial Analyst (AFA).

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Cathrine Foyn

Portfolio Manager

Mobile: 48403242
Office: 21013242

Cathrine has experience from financial markets since 1991. She has previously worked as Chief Investment Officer at Protector Forsikring (2015-2017). Cathrine has also experience from Arctic Fund Management (2010-2015), Alfred Berg, Braathens Safe, Christiania Fonds and Oslo Stock Exchange. She is educated at BI Norwegian Business School and is an Interest Rate Analyst (NFF..

Jan Philippe C. Sissener

Portfolio Manager

Mobile: 48403234
Office: 21013234

Philippe worked at SEB Enskilda (2010-2013), where he held various positions while establishing the High Yield and Convertible Bond desk. He worked at Arctic Securities AS (2013-2015) within Fixed Income Sales. He holds a BSc in Business Administration from Babson College..

Investment Team Stockholm

Ulrica Slåne Bjerke

CIO Arctic Aurora LifeScience

Mobile: +46 70 991 8391
Office: +46 8 44686107

Ulrica has the overall responsibility for Arctic Aurora LifeScience investment portfolio. She has more than 15 years of successful track record as a Portfolio Manager in Health Care and has been a top ranked Health care Analyst for (10 years). Ulrica has an MBASc, CEFA, with a degree from Stockholm School of Economics and Medicine at the Karolinska Institute..

Torbjørn Bjerke

Portfolio Manager Arctic Aurora LifeScience

Mobile: +46 72 744 4158
Office: +46 8 44686108

Mr. Torbjørn Bjerke is a Medical Doctor with the responsibility of scientific, clinical and regulatory due dilligence of new opportunities and portfolio management in Arctic Aurora LifeScience. He has more than 25 years of executive experience within successful drug development and business development/M&A in both public and private science companies. Mr. Bjerke got his doctor degree from the University of Aarhus.

Daniel Bolanowski

Analyst Arctic Aurora LifeScience

Mobile: +46 703 303 06891
Office: +46 8 44686109

Daniel fills the role as an analyst in Arctic Aurora LifeScience with the responsibility of reaserch, value tracking. valuation, opportunity sourcing. He has more than 5 years experience as business analyst and has had several engagements for small biotech/medtech companies.Daniel has a MSc (Biotech) and a MSc (Business/Economics) from the University of Uppsala.