- The role has not changed that much from a day-to-day perspective. Being involved in trades and what selections we should make has been a part of the job for a while. Having said that, moving from the role of an analyst certainly puts a bit more responsibility on myself.

Since the start of the Arctic Fund Management story, Albert Collett took on Alexander as a resource in the management of Arctic Norwegian Equities back in 2014. Three years later, Albert is now confident in Alexander's ability to co-manage the fund. 

 - The work division between Albert and myself is clearly defined. We work closely with every investment decision. That being buys, but also when it is time to exit an investment. The latter often the hardest. Especially when a stock has done well for a long time, Alexander says.

Because being an investor, responsible for peoples hard earned money, is not a nine-to-five job Alexander elaborates, as you're always monitoring the news for possible events that may change the performance. Still young, but after some years in the game, the up-and-coming manager adds that the apprehension wears off.

 - You learn to live with it, he says, but at the same time I truly believe it is important to be alert and to follow the market closely. We have machines that feeds us information, all decisions however, is made by one of the managers.

 Albert Collett, the lead manager and head of the investments division at Arctic Fund Management, has good things to say about his apprentice. Taking him into the team has been a decision he has not regretted.

 - Alexander brings in very strong quantitative skills and has a natural talent for grasping important information in a busy market place. This might be something that he learned at NHH or the Norges Banks talent program. I choose, however, to believe this comes out of a unique interest in the equity markets, Albert explains.

Arctic Norwegian Equity is a success story with the fund being up 97% since its inception in 2010.  The team is looking positively onto to 2017. However, for the time ahead and of the future, Alexander needs a few seconds before he answers.

- Well, first of all, a good performance in the Arctic Norwegian Equity fund is important, he says with a smile. Secondly, an improved oil price will help to stabilize the massive Norwegian oil sector in the years to come. I also seek balance in my life. We’ll see how that goes this year.          

To read more about the fund managed by Albert Collett and Alexander Larstedt Lager, click here. You can invest directly in the fund through Arctic, or through your preferred bank or savings account.


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Arctic Norwegian Equities is a equity fund managed by Albert Collett and Alexander Lagersted Lager. The fund invests in the Norwegian stock market and the funds "I" share class, has since inception in November 2010 had a performance of  97% - 32% ahead of the funds benchmark.  

Past performance is no guarantee for future returns. Future returns depend on the market, fund manager skill, fund risk level, costs, among others. Performance may become negative due to losses and it may vary considerably within periods.