Our solution allows private investors to invest in Arctic Fund Management Equity and Fixed Income Funds, some being some of the absolute leading funds in their category. The goal has been to make the investment experience easier and more exciting through better structure and language to guide you towards your investment goal.

At Arctic Fund Managements you may invest through either a one-time deposit, or a fixed savings agreement. A fixed savings agreement enables a consistent and personified investment plan, where an optional amount withdraws from your account every month. Smart and simple.

For our new customers, or for those looking for a simple, but competitive alternative, we are offering the Arctic Portfolio. The Arctic Portfolio is composed of four equity funds to give a diversified and broad exposure to the stock market. It includes two funds in the Norwegian market, one in Nordic equities and one for the biotech sector. Arctic Aurora LifeScience targets growth in the biotech and healthcare sector primarily in USA and Europe.

For long-term saving, our “Aksjesparekonto - ASK” and “Individual Pension Saving - IPS” accounts give favorable tax advantages for Norwegian citizens. You can buy and sell funds and stocks without taxing your gain. You pay taxes on your gain when your withdrawal exceeds your total deposit in the “ASK”, which enables the compound interest to work its magic faster so your wealth grows exponentially. “IPS”, allows you to subtract the annual saving amount from your annual tax report.         

Arctic´s private solution is free, and you pay only the management fee for the various funds. We take pride in our cooperation towards the customer´s financial goal and our new solutions shall further enhance the customer experience with Arctic.