Arctic Norwegian Value Creation is the new name of the Norwegian equity fund that the last 12 months has a performance of 19,5 percent. The fund, that has during all years performed better than the Norwegian market index, has decided to get to get a new name in order to better reflect the focus of the fund. 

Investing in Norwegian companies allows for many opportunities within oil, offshore, aquaculture companies, real estate and more. Whether the team invests in healthcare, manufacturing or retail, they always look for quality companies that are fair priced and have a good potential for future earnings.  

- Arctic Norwegian Value Creation primarily invest in companies we consider to have good ability for long-term value creation, says portfolio manager Ole Dahl. Combined with a disciplined approach to what is already valued into the stock price, we have historically achieved an attractive performance both for this fund and our Nordic fund, Arctic Nordic Equities.

Nordic is also the keyword for the fixed Income fund Arctic Nordic Investment Grade. By adding Nordic to its name, the fund more correctly reflects that the fund has the mandate, and has since its start in 2010 invested beyond national borders and actively used the Nordic investment space in order to achieve positive stable earnings for the funds investors. 

Four of the funds top ten investments are currently in Denmark or Sweden. The Nordic bond market has become more and more integrated the last 8 years. It offers good investment opportunities, a wider range of sectors and bonds to invest in and hence a much better way of diversifying the portfolios.

- This investment approach is something we have done since inception in 2010, and by adding Nordic to the funds name, this will only be a clarification of our investment philosophy for our clients, says portfolio manager Cathrine Foyn.

All three of Arctic’s Fixed Income funds are top ranked within the Norwegian market so far in 2018, and the case is no different for Arctic Nordic Investment Grade with its investments all across the Nordic countries. 

Read more about the fund on the following links or contact Arctic Fund Management for any questions you might have with regards to the name changes. 

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Past performance is no guarantee for future returns. Future returns depend on the market, fund manager skill, fund risk level, costs, among others. Performance in the fund may at times be negative and may for this fund vary considerably within periods.