The 5th star indicates that the fund is among the top 10 percent within its category. Portfolio manager, Ole E. Dahl, is proud on behalf of the team and says; “We are obviously honored to have five stars. We are in strong belief that through hard and focused work, we will keep providing strong, long-term returns for our shareholder also in the future."

Arctic Norwegian Value Creation aims to find companies with an appealing combination of quality characteristics and valuation. Sindre Sørbye, Tore Mengshoel, Ole E. Dahl and Thomas Rasmussen have a strong track record, and have through collaboration and analysis with the rest of AFM´s investment team outperformed the index since inception by 21%. Arctic Norwegian Value Creation is the third fund at Arctic Fund Management with five stars, and the second for our experienced investment team.

A company analysis enables the team to assess a company’s business model, market position, product offering and growth opportunities as well as risks and ESG factors to achieve the investment goal. The goal is best possible long-term risk-adjusted return, and the investment team has shown great ability to identify companies which are value-creating over time at a reasonable price.

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Arctic Norwegian Value Creation is research driven and truly index-independent UCITS fund. The investment process focus on identifying companies which are considered to be value-creating over time at a reasonable price. The portfolio is constructed by bottom up stock picking. There are no constraints regarding sectors and the goal is to achieve the best possible long-term risk-adjusted return. The funds benchmark is Oslo Stock Exchange Mutual Fund Index (OSEFX).

Past performance in the fund is no guarantee for future returns. Future returns depend on the market, fund manager skill, fund risk level, costs, among others. Performance in the fund may at times be negative and may vary within periods.