On Tuesday, March 10, Morningstar announced its annual fund industry awards based on performance last calendar year. After being nominated in the class for Best Nordic Equity Manager in 2019, the anticipation was present when Arctic Fund Management was nominated best in class in the category "Fixed Income Manager in Norway 2020".

The price for "Best Fund House Fixed Income" is awarded to the management organization that offers three or more fixed income funds in Norwegian kroner. For Arctic Fund Management, the funds Arctic Return, Arctic High Return and Arctic Nordic Investment Grade represent the company's Nordic fixed income portfolio. With consistent top performance, and as part of Norway's leading funds within their respective classes, Arctic Fund Management wins the award for 2020, and is thereby recognized as the top performer of Norwegian bond funds overall.

"We have been disciplined in risk taking and positioned our portfolios with short credit spread duration," says Cathrine Foyn, one of three fixed income portfolio managers at Arctic Fund Management. Together with Trond Tømmerås and Vegard Kjølhamar, the team works closely with the entire investment department in its analysis of the Nordic credit market.

"Thorough bottom up credit analysis and good understanding of each credit, have yielded good results," continues Cathrine, explaining how the team succeeds in its bond investments. "We do not take risks when we do not get paid for it," and through the funds' investments, Arctic Fund Management's Nordic fixed income team has been paid - most recently with recognition as Best Fund House Fixed Income Norway by Morningstar.

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Arctic Return

  • Managed risk with stable return in the Nordic credit market
  • Running yield of ca 3%

Arctic High Return

  • High returns from opportunistic investments in the Nordic credit market
  • Running yield of ca 7%

Arctic Nordic Investment Grade

  • Long-term value through stable returns in the Nordic interest rate universe
  • Running yield of about 2.5%



Arctics Fixed Income Funds are managed by Trond Tømmerås, Cathrine Foyn and Vegard Kjølhamar. The funds invest in Norwegian and Nordic bonds and the team works closely with Arctic's equity team in their credit analyzes of the individual companies. The Arctic Return Fund is ranked at the top of all highest yielding fund in the Norwegian market of all Norwegian short bond funds (Source: Morningstar January 10, 2018)

Historical returns in Arctic's Fixed Income funds are no guarantee for future returns. Future returns will depend, among other things, on market development, managerial skill, fund risk and management costs of the various share classes. The return may at times be negative as a result of price losses.