You save. We invest. That easy.


We believe that long-term saving benefits you. A small amount can quickly grow large, if given time and patience. If you save for a more comfortable future is saving in one of our funds a good alternative. You can choose funds yourself, or you can use our suggested composition of funds customized for you. We help you save smart at Arctic. Start the saving today, for a safer future.

In your «aksjesparekonto», you can change your investments and take profit without taxes. The profit will be taxed when you withdraw more than you have deposited. If you leave the profit in the account, the money can grow larger. At Arctic you always have control of your money and don't worry – we take care of your tax report.

With our family solution you can tie accounts together, so one person in the family can make investments and change funds for the whole family. Do you want to invest more? You can now use “Vipps” to transfer money to friends or yourself. If you want to do changes in your saving, we will help you with that as well. We at Arctic have solutions customized for you and your demands.

Spread your risk
When you save in the stock market, you invest in companies in Norway, Nordic or the rest of the world. In our funds, we help you pick the companies. If you invest in equity fund, the savings will be diversified over numerous companies. When you save in several funds you will experience less fluctuations – and a return on investment that you can be proud of.

Saving and investing appear complicated for a lot of people. Our job is to convey so you understand. We at Arctic do not talk about economic conditions or volatility, but about upturn or downturn in the stock market. Because that is what it is for most of us – there is no need to complicate it.   

We cover the whole process

  • Registration 
    Registration at Arctic is done through BankID. Answer a few questions, then your saving has started. Smart saving in “aksjesparekonto” allows you to alternate between your own and the family´s saving uncomplicated – no matter what you save for. 
  • Investment
    We provide simple overview of your saving. Decide between one-time deposit or fixed saving. Fixed saving withdraws an optional amount from your account every month. You can always track your own savings and find out where you stand in order to accomplish your goals. 
  • Guidance
    No matter if you are new to investments or experienced, the need for guidance is always going to be there. We have created a portfolio of equity funds with different degrees of risk to have a simple solution available for you. If you need help and perhaps some tips, are we just a few keystrokes away.
  • Return on investment 
    “Finans Norge” expects a yearly total return at 7.5 percent for a long-term equity investments. When the time to withdraw your savings has come, we at Arctic make sure to report all necessary data in your tax report. You save, and we report for you. It doesn´t get a lot easier than that. 
  • Invest in Arctic Nordic Equities - Private Clients
  • For institutional clients, please contact our Business Development team at Arctic Asset Management

Arctic Asset Management is an independent Nordic Investment Manager. We specialize in managing Nordic equities, Nordic fixed income and Global Life Science.