Arctic Aurora LifeScience

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Arctic Aurora LifeScience is a specialized global healthcare equity UCITS fund investing primarily in European and U.S. public life science companies. The investment strategy focuses on achieving excess return from investments in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector by investing in the most innovative companies developing new treatments that significantly change the life of patients to the benefit of society. Arctic Aurora LifeScience was launched the 25th of May 2016 and has returned a strong investment performance. The fund is managed by Ulrica Bjerke and Dr. Torbjørn Bjerke, both with over 30 years of experience from investments in the sector. Analyst Daniel Bolanowski has been part of the team since start. Arctic Aurora LifeScience has an extensive global network of executives in the life science industry as well as a profound relation to academia.

Investing in biotech and drug development, in general, requires a deep understanding of biology, as well as the functions of the regulatory and commercial part of drug development, i.e. clinical studies and the dynamics between smaller biotech companies and the larger pharmaceutical companies that fund the later stages of development and thereby contribute to value creation. Arctic Aurora LifeScience conducts active portfolio management with a focus on listed biotech companies supplemented by larger global pharmaceutical companies in both the US and EU.

The investment philosophy of Arctic Aurora LifeScience is to build a portfolio of successful companies in the life science sector, based on a thorough due diligence process. Such due diligence review is a combination of top down studies, where the therapeutic areas of medical and commercial interest are selected, and bottom-up work, where the universe is screened for companies owning leading science within the selected therapeutic areas. A deep analysis of these companies is then undertaken with the aim of finding the best investment opportunities. To maximize risk/reward we only invest in companies with good clinical data. We do not invest in early stage biotech prior to clinical development in patients. Close contact with company management teams is essential and contacts are regularly followed up.

The portfolio is constructed in relation to risk and expected return, with the aim of building a diversified portfolio of approximately 40-60 holdings.

Arctic Aurora LifeScience is an equity fund investing in global biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. The fund is run by former portfolio manager in the Swedish AP3 Fonder, Ulrica Bjerke, as well as Dr. Torbjørn Bjerke, both with 20 years of experience from the market. Arctic Aurora LifeScience was launched in May 2016 with both hedged and un-hedged share classes.

Past performance in Arctic Aurora LifeScience is no guarantee for future returns. Future returns depend on the market, fund manager skill, fund risk level, costs, among others. Performance in the fund may at times be negative and may for this fund vary considerably within periods.