Arctic Aurora Biotech Select

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Arctic Aurora Biotech Select´s investment strategy is focused on achieving an excess return from investments in the biotech sector by investing in the most innovative companies developing new treatments that significantly changes the life of patients to the benefit for society. The benchmark is Nasdaq Biotech Total Return Index (XNBI).

The portfolio composition will focus on leading innovative SMID biotech's supplemented with large cash generating big biotech's to maximize risk adjusted return. Risk diversification is achieved by limiting the size of positions in earlier stage companies and have a balanced mix of cash positive and non cash positive companies. The portfolio will hold approximately 50-70 holdings where up to 10% unlisted equity and in addition up to 10% cross-over (pre-IPO) can be included.

  • Focus on quality of company assets in the pipeline and commercial potential
  • Emphasis on medicine’s efficacy and safety data reported from clinical trials
  • Investment positions in earlier stage biotechs are limited in size to control project specific risks
  • A large attractive universe enables investments in several companies, providing risk diversification
  • Investment method applied successfully in the larger fund for 4+ years
  • 100% biotech gives pure exposure to a large number of companies leading the development of new, science based medicines
  • High return potential, higher expected volatility
  • Allows to invest in somewhat earlier in the companies development to benefit from earlier value appreciation