The fund

Arctic Norwegian Equities has a structured and repeatable investment process and an experienced investment team with a strong track record. The fund is a UCITS fund and has no style or industry bias, but seeks to be overweight shares which are found to be undervalued through our Fair Value approach. Our fair value analysis takes account of both quantitative and qualitative aspects, relating to Company, Sector, Valuation, and Sentiment. We believe our team and investment process has contributed to the fund’s strong historical results.

Through our Fair Value framework, we favor well-run companies, with a clear-cut strategy we believe in. It emphasizes an experienced board and senior management team, and strong backers in the company’s owners. We believe strong performance over time depends on investing responsibly. Companies with a strong record on the environment, corporate governance and social responsibility are, in our view, more likely to provide excess returns to investors over time. In our models of discounted cash flow or future multiples, we like shares to have good liquidity and to be attractively valued. We prefer sectors with a favorable demand-supply balance. In addition, companies which operate in sectors with strong entry barriers, ideally with a concentrated competitive structure (monopoly, oligopoly), are amplified in our strategy. 

Portfolio managers for Arctic Norwegian Equities are Albert Collett and Alexander Larstedt Lager. Albert Collett has a very strong track record with 8 years of strong returns at Arctic Asset Management. Before that, he had more than a decade of success at Alfred Berg. The last twenty-year period includes everything from bull to bear markets, commodity rises and routs, the financial crisis and the dot com bubble. The portfolio manager has shown great ability to navigate different market environments, with strong results.


Arctic Norwegian Equities is a UCITS fund focusing on Norwegian equities. The fund seeks to buy undervalued shares and be a stock picker through a structured and repeatable investment process. Our bottom-up fair value analysis includes analysis of the company, its sector, valuation, stock sentiment, and ESG. The fund is style-independent and has no sector limitations. The fund’s benchmark is Oslo Stock Exchange Mutual Fund Index (OSEFX).

Past performance in the fund is no guarantee for future returns. Future returns depend on the market, fund manager skill, fund risk level, costs, among others. Performance in the fund may at times be negative and may vary within periods.